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Phoenix Health Care Fraud Attorney

The people most commonly charged with Medicare or Medicaid fraud are doctors, nurses, medical assistants and business managers of clinics, hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Since the penalties in a fraud case are linked to the amount of money allegedly taken, the potential penalties can be very serious when our health care system is involved. If you are under investigation for or have been charged with health care fraud in Arizona, call the Phoenix healthcare fraud attorneys at Blumberg & Associates for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

In Arizona, health care fraud charges typically allege that you have submitted fraudulent bills to insurance companies, Medicare or AHCCCS. However, simply being charged with health care fraud does not mean that you are guilty. Prosecutors must prove that you knew or should have known that the billing activity was fraudulent. If the state has strong evidence against you, our lawyers will shift the focus of your defense to minimizing the penalties. A good criminal defense lawyer will always minimize your exposure to harsh charges and sentences.

Our firm defended a nurse and two doctors who along with had formed a corporation to bill the government for health services that were alleged not to have existed. As with many white collar crime cases, our clients faced mandatory sentences that would have resulted in lengthy prison sentences. However, our lawyers were successful in dismissing additional counts and negotiating a favorable plea bargains.

Free Attorney Consultation

You may find out you are under investigation for health care fraud long before you are charged. The sooner you contact a Phoenix healthcare fraud attorney at Blumberg & Associates , the more we can do to protect your rights and your future. In many cases, we have successfully persuaded prosecutors not to charge our clients or to file reduced charges.

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