Preserving a Student’s Future

Bruce Blumberg has proven experience successfully defending clients in serious drug-related charges, including a recent case in which Mr. Blumberg was able to help his client avoid jail time altogether despite serious felony charges, and a mountain of evidence on the prosecution’s side.

Bruce Blumberg represented an Arizona State University (ASU) student who was caught selling illegal narcotics to an undercover police officer on the ASU campus. Blumberg’s client initially met the undercover officer (buyer) on Craigslist, and personally met with the “buyer” three times to sell drugs on the school’s campus. At the time of his arrest, the defendant was in possession of a firearm in addition to drugs, which gave rise to a charge of misconduct involving weapons, and was facing significant time in prison for the combination of these offenses.

According to the defendant, Bruce “came to his rescue” and was able to successfully avoid prosecution for a period of two years before facing arrest for the charges. Mr. Blumberg was able to negotiate the charges down to a class 6 undesignated felony offense – the lowest felony charge possible in Arizona – and eventually avoid his client receiving a felony charge at all based on successful probation.

Because of Bruce Blumberg’s experience and deep understanding of the laws surrounding this case and his client’s rights, the defendant’s freedom was able to be saved – and without any jail time served. This is one example of the type of defense Blumberg & Associates is able to offer clients across the state of Arizona when faced with serious criminal allegations.