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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

An Experienced Arizona Criminal Defense Law Firm

Criminal Defense Lawyers Handling Cases From Across the State of Arizona

At Blumberg & Associates, our lawyers understand the inequities in the criminal justice system. Taxpayers provide prosecutors and police nearly unlimited resources to prove that you are guilty. The public defenders provided by the state are often overworked lawyers, or young, inexperienced attorneys.

Our Areas of Practice

The criminal defense attorneys at Blumberg & Associates strive to provide our clients with a level playing field. Mr. Blumberg has nearly 40 years of experience handling a wide range of criminal defense cases. Some of the cases we routinely handle include:

Drug Offenses Sex Crimes
Federal Offenses Violent Crimes
General Criminal Law White-Collar Crimes

For more information on our areas of practice, please see below.

Federal Offenses

Arizona Sentencing Laws

Arizona’ s mandatory sentencing laws make it an unusual state when it comes to the practice of criminal law. We understand the consequences for a plea or a conviction for specific criminal charges. While we know that not everyone charged with a crime is guilty, we also know that the specific criminal charge is important. Our goal is to make certain that the state does not “overcharge” you, potentially subjecting you to improper criminal sentences.

Contacting an Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Prior to Being Charged

Whenever possible, our prospective clients should contact us prior to being charged. Many people, especially those who are innocent, believe that hiring an attorney can make them look guilty. An experienced Arizona criminal defense lawyer can often work with the prosecutor’ s office and police to prevent an arrest and criminal charges from ever being filed. In cases where an arrest is imminent, our criminal defense attorneys can negotiate for our client’s surrender to police rather than have them publicly arrested. Sometimes we can work to minimize the charges before they are ever filed.

For more information please visit our Criminal Defense Practice Center.

Contact our Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you (or a member of your family) have been charged with a criminal offense in federal court, or anywhere in the state of Arizona including Maricopa County, Yavapai County, Coconino County, Pinal County, and the cities of Phoenix, Mesa, Peoria, Tempe, Scottsdale, Prescott, Tucson, and Flagstaff, please contact Blumberg & Associates. When your future is on the line, you need an Arizona criminal defense law firm where skill and experience are more than just a slogan.