Not Backing Down From Goliath

Blumberg & Associates is relied upon by clients for criminal defense matters, even when the evidence is mounting against them. Bruce Blumberg recently defended a client who was alleged to have shot and killed a family member from ‘point blank’ range. The client was charged with first-degree murder and was represented by Mr. Blumberg.

Before trial, the defendant’s wife refused to testify against him, and while the case was building toward a trial date, the State of Arizona dismissed all charges without prejudice. However, the State of Arizona was not finished with Mr. Blumberg’s client. After the State was able to effect a change in the law regarding percipient witnesses to a murder, they again charged the client with first-degree murder. This time Blumberg & Associates filed a Motion to Remand the matter to the Grand Jury for a new finding of probable cause because the State did not present the matter fairly. While the trial judge denied Blumberg’s motion he did not stop there. A Special Action was filed with the Arizona Court of Appeals and Blumberg won the appeal. The State dismissed the case and the client never served time in prison. This type of criminal defense representation is what Mr. Blumberg specializes in, and is why clients choose Blumberg & Associates when facing severe criminal charges that threaten their freedom.