I’ve Been Accused of a Sex Crime – Now What?

Being accused of a sex offense – whether it be rape, child molestation, an internet sex crime or possession of child pornography – is possibly the most stressful situation a person can experience. The ramifications can be life shattering and costly, potentially resulting in the loss of your freedom and rights. You could be subjected to a long prison sentence, placed on probation and forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life, which has several embarrassing and irreversible effects in and of itself.

There are also many severe, non-legal consequences. You could lose your job, be disqualified from your profession, have licenses revoked, lose your children and potentially be sued in civil court for damages.

You may already know about these consequences, and have likely been dwelling on them since you were accused of committing a sex crime. But what can you do to improve your chances of dismissal, acquittal or a reduction of charges?

Don’t Make Any Statements

If law enforcement, an acquaintance, family member or even your employer accuses you of sexual impropriety, it’s best to avoid engaging with them in a conversation about it. Try to avoid answering questions or even discussing the matter until you have retained the services of a reputable criminal defense attorney with significant sex crime experience.

There’s nothing wrong with saying you can’t discuss the matter until you’ve spoken with a legal representative. You would be surprised at how easily a statement you believe is innocuous could potentially be misinterpreted, twisted or later used against you.

For example, even saying “I drove her home but nothing happened,” is admitting to the fact that you were alone with the accuser at a designated time.

Other Things You MUST Avoid

  • Under no circumstances should you make contact with the alleged victim or their family and friends, even if you think you can convince them that the accuser is wrong
  • Do not have any contact with the alleged victim, it’s best if you go out of your way to avoid them and any communications
  • Until you speak with an attorney, do not offer any evidence to law enforcement or anyone investigating the accusations, even if you think that evidence would exonerate you

The Moment You Get Any Indication You’re a Suspect, Contact an Attorney

It’s not entirely uncommon to hear rumors about sexual impropriety prior to criminal charges being filed. At the first sign you may be suspected of acting inappropriately it is absolutely imperative you contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Everything you say to your attorney is confidential thanks to attorney-client privilege, and nothing you privately communicate to your attorney can be used against you in court.

In addition to giving you guidance on how to proceed, an attorney can also begin communicating with investigators, employers and other relevant parties on your behalf. If you have evidence you believe will exonerate you, an attorney can help you get it to the correct authorities.

What Will a Criminal Defense Attorney Do in a Sexual Assault Case?

In the ideal scenario a sexual assault accusation can be proved false through a number of methods. Accusations involving children or spurned romantic partners can often be disproven.

It’s unfortunately all too common for fathers going through a contentious divorce to be accused of molestation by the mother who is attempting to get a preferential child custody verdict in family court.

There have also been many documented cases of former romantic partners accusing men of rape to inflict severe and unjust consequences on them for real or perceived slights.

Establishing that a lie was told, or in some cases with children that the child was mistaken, often hinges on physical evidence and alibis. If you can prove you were not where the crime allegedly happened when it happened, with video evidence or the corroboration of witnesses, chances are much better that your charges may be dropped.

An attorney can also investigate motivations of the accuser to uncover and document potential ulterior motives that would explain why they would fabricate a false accusation.

If You Have Been Accused of a Sex Crime, Contact Blumberg & Associates

The Arizona attorneys at Blumberg & Associates have extensive experience defending individuals who have been accused of sex crimes, and have successfully defended clients facing all types of accusations, from child molestation and rape to internet pornography and indecent exposure.

If you have been accused of a sex offense, do not give up hope. Contact Blumberg & Associates for a free consultation as soon as possible.