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The actions of police officers and investigators play an important role in how a drug crimes case is prosecuted. When law enforcement officers fail to follow proper procedures in executing a search warrant, interrogating a suspect or collecting and handling evidence, their case is compromised.

At the law office of Blumberg & Associates, our attorneys carefully review the actions and decisions of police officers. We identify instances where police did not have reasonable suspicion or probable cause to stop a car, enter a home or conduct a search. Evidence seized during an illegal search should not be admissible in court. As drug crimes defense attorneys, we expose illegal and unconstitutional searches and seizures, demanding the dismissal of charges against our client.

If you’ve been arrested for a drug crime after a car stop, search of your home or federal investigation, contact criminal defense attorneys at Blumberg & Associates today to discuss your case.

Types of Drug Crime Defenses

The following issues often arise in drug crime cases. Whether or not the charges against you should be dropped or evidence excluded at trial will depend on the circumstances of your case and the actions of the officers involved.

  • Car stops and searches: Did an officer have a legitimate reason to pull you over? Did he see or detect the presence of something either through smell or plain sight to justify a search of your car? Were you the driver or the passenger? If drugs were found, were they yours? Did the officer ask you if the drugs were yours or did he simply arrest you?
  • Execution of a search warrant: Did officers confine themselves to the areas specified by the search? Was the judge who signed it aware of all the facts?
  • Interrogative custody or under arrest: Were you detained prior to being arrested? Did officers indicate whether you were under arrest, being detained or free to go? When were your Miranda rights read to you? Did they ask you permission to search your car, home or person prior to placing you under arrest?
  • Informants and plea bargains: Did the government use informants or witnesses who have turned state’s evidence in prosecuting you? Were these informants or witnesses offered a reduced sentence in exchange for testimony against you? If informants were used, did law enforcement officers look the other way regarding criminal activity they may have been involved in?

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Regardless whether you’re under investigation or have already been arrested, contact criminal defense attorneys at Blumberg & Associates to discuss your case. We can evaluate the issues involved and discuss the best defense approaches available to you.