Casting Doubt to Save The Client

Bruce Blumberg has a long history of successfully defending clients in an array of violent crime charges. In a recent case, Mr. Blumberg defended his client and received not guilty verdicts in all 11 counts of a home invasion, robbery, and aggravated assault case.

Blumberg’s client was charged with home invasion and aggravated assault after being arrested when police were tipped off about his identity. During trial, the homeowners/victims – a mother and daughter – both positively identified the defendant as being the perpetrator of the home invasion and assault.

Through the use of an identification expert witness and his years of defending clients in violent crime cases, Mr. Blumberg was able to cast doubt that his client was actually to blame for these crimes and was able to achieve a not guilty verdict on all counts. Blumberg & Associates conducted determined and lengthy discovery which revealed the “real” likely perpetrators of this terrible crime. After facing 11 felony counts and the prospect of decades of prison time, Blumberg’s skillful defense was able to save the client’s freedom.