A Strong Defense When the Court is a Weapon

Bruce Blumberg has nearly four decades of experience defending his clients and preserving their rights.

During the summer of 2016, Bruce represented a man who was attacked by his ex-wife. At the time, she was enrolled in the police academy and used the knowledge she learned about how to have somebody arrested.

Bruce’s client was taken into custody and was charged with assault and criminal damage for her broken phone screen. His client was also served with an order of protection which restricted him from his home, which he owned solely. Upon his release from jail, he was required to be monitored by Maricopa County and required special permission to leave it. In addition, he had his gun rights stripped and was issued an order of protection from any further contact with his ex-wife.

After the first hearing, Bruce had his client’s monitoring and county travel restrictions removed and was now restricted to the state. At the next hearing he had the state travel restrictions and all other restrictions removed pending trial.

Bruce paid close attention to every detail in the case. He reviewed every second of police body cam video, every piece of evidence and created a detailed timeline of events of the morning showing the alleged assault could only take place in a minute span.

During the trial, Bruce brought character witnesses to testify to his client’s non-violent nature while also bringing character witnesses to testify his ex. However, the judge denied the request to present witnesses of character.

Bruce immediately stood up and moved that his client was not being given a fair trial and the case should immediately be dismissed. The Judge denied Bruce’s request.

After nine hours of trial, both parties rested. The judge that day ruled, based on the 38 years he spent as a police officer, the ex should have been arrested and been on trial that day.

Bruce’s client was found not guilty on all counts and preserved his client’s rights.