A Defense Attorney is an American Right

When a loved one finds himself or herself in an expected legal situation, a skilled defense attorney can be absolutely essential — specifically in the United States’ justice system.

Whether it’s in Phoenix, Arizona or in any federal district court across the land, the role of a criminal defense attorney is to secure the rights of the individual and make certain that the government, which is not a benign institution, doesn’t trample over those rights. That’s the most important aspect of my criminal defense work and why I take so much pride in the number of jury trials I have won.

When people ask if I can perform my work when a client is guilty, I always tell them I wasn’t there on the night of the crime. I have the same evidence — generally speaking — as the prosecution, and by the time I’m done working a case and ready for trial, only the quality of the state’s evidence matters. In the end, the prosecution must be able to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Mandatory sentencing makes a strong criminal defense necessary

A defense attorney in Maricopa County or anywhere else in the United States has the job to stand between a heavy-handed government and individual whose rights are at stake during the course of an investigation and trial. In Phoenix, the judges cannot depart from the guidelines of mandatory sentencing. Prosecutors can use that to the state’s advantage against a defendant.

A criminal defense attorney obtains deals for a client through skill. What we do at this firm is gather information about the accused and demonstrate to the prosecutor, and ultimately to the court, how my clients are different. This can include providing context to personality or pointing out problems during a traffic stop or during seizure of evidence.

All of this serves to skillfully weave through the system to obtain the best possible deal for the client.

Winning representation for your individual case

If you’re charged with a crime in Phoenix, Arizona, elsewhere in Arizona or in a federal district court, it’s a daunting experience. I’m there to help at all times, and I will utilize the skills that I’ve acquired more than 30 years to provide legal support.

My record speaks for itself. I can’t promise any particular result, but I always make the promise to provide the best representation possible.