Traffic Offenses

Arizona Traffic Offenses Attorneys

Handling Traffic Offense Cases throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Most people who hire a lawyer to handle Arizona traffic violations are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system. Others are surprised that Arizona driving and traffic violations are handled as part of the criminal justice system.

Taking Arizona Traffic Violations Seriously

Traffic Violations can have serious effect on your life, from a speeding ticket to a DUI. Speak with a Defense Attorney today.At Blumberg & Associates, we take Arizona traffic violations seriously. Our attorneys help a wide variety of clients mitigate the effects of a traffic violation, from people trying to keep minor traffic violations off their driving record, thereby keeping their insurance rates low, to those charged with driving under the influence (DUI). In addition, our traffic violations lawyers have helped numerous truck drivers, cab drivers, and other professional drivers facing traffic violations where a conviction would result in losing their job.

Working to Protect Driver’s Licenses

Most people rely on their car to get to and from work. Others drive for a living. Our goal is to protect our clients’ driving privileges. We have successfully handled a wide range of traffic violations, including driving under the influence, speeding, reckless driving, operating after suspension, driving without insurance, as well as violations associated with commercial drivers and truckers.

Our attorneys will attend any driver’s license suspension hearing, administrative license revocation hearings, and license probation hearing. We have successfully protected our clients’ Occupational Driver’s Licenses as well as restricted driver’s licenses that allow our clients to travel to and from work.

Contact Our Arizona Traffic Violations Attorneys

Our Arizona traffic violations attorneys regularly represent clients from throughout Maricopa County including the cities of Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale. If you have been charged with a traffic violation and need an attorney to represent you, please contact Blumberg & Associates. When your future is on the line, you need an Arizona traffic violations law firm where skill and experience are more than just a slogan.