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Handling Criminal Defense Cases from across the State of Arizona

At Blumberg & Associates, we realize that no attorney can guarantee a specific result. However, we also know that past results are the best predictor of future results. Our criminal defense attorneys have handled thousands of criminal cases. Those cases included more than one hundred jury trials, over twenty-five acquittals for major felonies, and five acquittals in first degree murder cases. Our Arizona criminal defense lawyers are also skilled negotiators and very often because of our reputation and litigation skills, get exceptional settlement offers that allow our clients to avoid the uncertainty of a trial.

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See Bruce Blumberg's previous criminal defense cases in Phoenix and their results.Our Arizona criminal defense attorneys regularly provide legal advice and representation for clients across the state of Arizona including Maricopa County, Yavapai County, Coconino County, Pinal County, and the cities of Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Prescott, Tucson, Glendale, Tempe, Peoria, and Flagstaff.

If you (or a member of your family) has been or is about to be charged with a criminal offense anywhere in the state of Arizona, please contact Blumberg & Associates. When your future is on the line, you need an Arizona criminal defense law firm where skill and experience are more than just a slogan.

Listed below are summaries of some of the cases that Bruce Blumberg has handled in the past. Details have been removed to protect the identity and privacy of all involved parties. Prosecuted charges and resultant outcomes have not been altered, and are from real cases. These summaries are not intended as a guarantee of results in any future case. The outcome in any individual case depends on the facts and the laws of that case.

Dangerous Crimes against Children

  • Client accused of child abuse by breaking child’s arm and causing spiral fracture.
    • Result: Not Guilty
  • Client accused of child abuse by causing bruises.
    • Result: Not Guilty
  • Client charged with multiple counts with multiple victims of sexual conduct with a minor.
    • Result: Hung-jury. Client was offered probation with no jail time.
  • Client charged with 19 counts of sexual conduct with a minor facing in excess of 300 years with a 1 million dollar cash bond.
    • Result: Not Guilty, All Counts


  • Client accused of first degree murder. Six purported eye-witnesses.
    • Result: Not Guilty after 20 minute jury deliberation.
  • Client accused of first degree murder and molestation of a child. Client indicted seven years after the child’s disappearance.
    • Result: Not Guilty
  • Client accused of attempted murder in the second degree after four bullets were fired into the alleged victim in a bar parking lot. Both involved parties were intoxicated.
    • Result: First Trial - Hung Jury; Second Trial - Not Guilty
  • Client charged with first degree murder of girlfriend’s ex-husband. After released on bond, the client was also accused of double homicide in a gang related matter.
    • Result: Not Guilty, both trials, all counts.
  • Client accused of shooting victim in Scottsdale, Arizona. Client plead self-defense, after being attacked by alleged victim and alleged victim’s brother.
    • Result: Not Guilty

Dangerous Offenses

  • Client charged with aggravated assault, a dangerous offense, after punching a smaller man in the face causing substantial damage, including breaking of the orbital floor.
    • Result: Charges reduced - Misdemeanor Assault
  • Client accused of two counts of aggravated assault, both dangerous offenses, against police officers.
    • Result: Not Guilty, All Counts
  • Minor accused of aggravated assault, dangerous offense, by holding a gun on officers conducting a search warrant at mother’s apartment.
    • Result: Not Guilty
  • Client accused of five counts of aggravated assault, dangerous offenses, after pointing loaded weapon at friends of ex-lover.
    • Result: Not Guilty, All Counts

Other Cases

  • Client accused of burglary and theft.
    • Result: Burglary - Not Guilty; Charges reduced to misdemeanor theft.
  • Client accused of burglary from commercial establishment.
    • Result: Not Guilty.
  • Client accused of burglary and trafficking in stolen property.
    • Result: Not Guilty
  • Out-of-state nurse accused of “felony flight” while traveling over 120mph on a motorcycle.
    • Result: Not Guilty
  • Client in federal court caught with over 2,200 pounds of marijuana.
    • Result: Only 18 months jail time.
  • Client in Maricopa County found with over 400 pounds of marijuana and over $100K in cash in home.
    • Result: Probation, no jail time.
  • Client had 82 pounds of marijuana and was charged with conspiracy to possess for sale. With prior client was facing a class 2 felony, with a presumptive 5 year sentence.
    • Result: Reduced to attempted possession, 18 months under threshold.
  • Client obtained over $300K from a relative in a “Super Theft”, facing mandatory prison and numerous other prospective charges.
    • Result: Charges reduced to class 4 attempt with probation, no white collar terms.