How to Defend Yourself Without A Criminal Lawyer

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How to Defend Yourself Without A Criminal Lawyer In the information age, a recent trend has occurred of people attempting to defend themselves in court. But is this decision wise? Phoenix, AZ Deciding not to hire legal counsel for representation is a serious, misguided decision and should not be taken lightly. Defending oneself “pro se” (without an attorney) might prove less expensive in the short term, but heavy legal repercussions could be something one would later regret. While it might not be necessary to retain counsel for lesser...

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What to do if you are Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime in Arizona

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It isn’t unusual for someone to be falsely accused of a sex crime in today’s society. A child caught in a divorce and angry at one parent might lash out by falsely accusing the other parent. An angry spouse involved in a contentious child custody suit might accuse the other spouse of sexual abuse to keep custody of the child. Whatever the circumstances, the first step is in understanding that this is an extremely serious accusation. The consequences can be life shattering. Possible outcomes include: Time in jail or prison Placed on probation...

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Search Engines are Watching for Child Porn and Child Abuse

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Only a few years ago, search engines like Google, Bing, Internet Explorer and others remained neutral on the issue of child porn and child abuse, not really taking an active hand in blocking it. Google had previously gone as far as creating a database where law enforcement, charities, organizations and citizens could add details or locations of abuse imagery, which it would then hide or remove from search results. But in the last year, all the big search engines have changed their approach to child abuse, child porn and other crimes because...

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What are the Rules Arizona Sex Offenders Must Follow Upon Release From Jail or Prison?

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After a sex offender is released from jail or prison, he or she may remain under supervision (probation) depending on the nature of the crime. If the offender is under supervision, he or she must register with the country sheriff’s office in the community he or she is relocating to within 72 hours of release. Sex offenders may be supervised in their day-to-day activities in order to protect their victims, vulnerable people and the general public. Sex offenders have other rules and regulations to follow. Here are some of the rules and...

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