Skills You Should Look for in a Sex Crime Defense Attorney

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Anybody charged with a crime has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. When it comes to sex crimes, however, the court of public opinion is often eager to pronounce an accused person guilty before a court has had a chance to reach its verdict. Sex crimes are extremely serious, not just because they can result in extremely long prison sentences, but because just being charged with a sex crime is often enough to significantly harm one’s public reputation. If you are facing charges related to a sex crime, you risk far more...

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Steps to Take When Charged With a Drug Crime

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Drug crimes cover a wide range of offenses and, if convicted, sentencing can range from relatively “light” terms to many years behind bars. Various factors, such as the type of controlled substance involved, the amount you allegedly had on you at the time of arrest, and where the arrest took place, whether it involves sales or simple possession, can all effect the types of charges and potential sentences against you. Because of this high level of uncertainty, you do not want to risk making any mistakes in your early interactions...

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Bruce Blumberg Named to 2018 Southwest Super Lawyers List

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The 2018 Southwest Super Lawyerslist was released today and for the fifth time, Bruce Blumberg was recognized. Blumberg was listed for his work as a criminal defense attorney in Arizona. Only 5 percent attorneys are selected to Super Lawyers.  Blumberg is certified as a specialist in criminal law by the State Bar of Arizona. Of the 18,000 licensed attorneys in Arizona, about 750 of them have received specialist certification, and only a handful of those are certified in the area of criminal law. Super Lawyers is a rating service based on peer...

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A Strong Defense When the Court is a Weapon

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Bruce Blumberg has nearly four decades of experience defending his clients and preserving their rights. During the summer of 2016, Bruce represented a man who was attacked by his ex-wife. At the time, she was enrolled in the police academy and used the knowledge she learned about how to have somebody arrested. Bruce’s client was taken into custody and was charged with assault and criminal damage for her broken phone screen. His client was also served with an order of protection which restricted him from his home, which he owned solely. Upon...

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Behind the Bar: “Evil” Is Not a Look

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Although I have won five first-degree murder trials and favorably resolved many more; I have a client who was convicted of first-degree murder last year in Yavapai County, Arizona. She is currently awaiting a decision from the Arizona Supreme Court on a Petition for Review that I filed on her behalf because the Arizona Court of Appeals affirmed her conviction despite the paucity of evidence to convict her. In fact, she wasn’t even charged until about ten years after the murder. Upon returning home one morning she had discovered her husband in...

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Not Backing Down From Goliath

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Blumberg & Associates is relied upon by clients for criminal defense matters, even when the evidence is mounting against them. Bruce Blumberg recently defended a client who was alleged to have shot and killed a family member from ‘point blank’ range. The client was charged with first-degree murder and was represented by Mr. Blumberg. Before trial, the defendant’s wife refused to testify against him, and while the case was building toward a trial date, the State of Arizona dismissed all charges without prejudice. However, the State of...

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Casting Doubt to Save The Client

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Bruce Blumberg has a long history of successfully defending clients in an array of violent crime charges. In a recent case, Mr. Blumberg defended his client and received not guilty verdicts in all 11 counts of a home invasion, robbery, and aggravated assault case. Blumberg’s client was charged with home invasion and aggravated assault after being arrested when police were tipped off about his identity. During trial, the homeowners/victims – a mother and daughter – both positively identified the defendant as being the perpetrator of the home...

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Preserving a Student’s Future

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Bruce Blumberg has proven experience successfully defending clients in serious drug-related charges, including a recent case in which Mr. Blumberg was able to help his client avoid jail time altogether despite serious felony charges, and a mountain of evidence on the prosecution’s side. Bruce Blumberg represented an Arizona State University (ASU) student who was caught selling illegal narcotics to an undercover police officer on the ASU campus. Blumberg’s client initially met the undercover officer (buyer) on Craigslist, and...

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Justice Prevails!

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Our firm recently secured an acquittal for the defendant who was facing a 9 count indictment involving a home invasion.

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White Collar Crime

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White Collar Crime

Did you know that one and four houses were victimized by white collar crime in 2010? At Blumberg and Associates we can assist !

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